Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Afternoon Show and Redecorating Al Bundy's Bathroom

Please, please, please forgive me in advance....

Hey, wait a minute, guys. I know I'm the new guy here and its not my place to speak up, but what are we doing? We're men. We were put on this planet to... well, I don't know what we're put on this planet to do but we're here xxxx it! And we're Americans and we have the right to use the best toilet system in the free world. Are we to use the gas station bathroom like some, some common rooskie? We're being driven from our homes, room from room, running like a Frenchman from a cap gun. And from whom?
Al Bundy, Married with Children, Episode titled A Man's Castle

So, Issues, Etc. has been replaced by the Afternoon Show.Pr. Weedon has his thoughts here:

In a funny moment, all I could think of was the Married with Children episode that spawned the comment above. In the episode titled A Man's Castle, Al's wife Peg decides to take up redecorating and starts by decorating Al's bathroom in a very "girly" kind of way. Al is driven from his home and finds a very basic bathroom, white tile, no frills, at a gas station. And it turns out all the other men driven from their homes by their wives' redecorating also line up at this gas station.

I feel bad for Diane Summers. She isn't the redecorator.

If I wanted to make another 80's sitcom analogy, this is kind of like taking Cheers and making it into a wine bar..

But, like Al Bundy, I went to the gas station today. It was called Ave Maria radio and I usually listen anyway, but today I called in to the Al Kresta show and I won a book The Tide is Turning Towards Catholicism(you want to listen to me (about 11 minutes in)? click here

All this has me to thinking. The leaders of the LCMS don't want us. They don't want us. They don't want, not just men, but they don't want men and women who get the Confessions. They don't want men and women who want to talk about the things that really matter, that is the Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel and The Sacramental Life. They don't want us. They don't want us!


They think we are saved, and they don't have to worry about our eternal future.

Pretty well intentioned pragmatism, is it not?

No it isn't.

We long for comfort and many who are not Confessional Lutherans long for it too. And they aren't going to get it anywhere else like we got in the 14 hours of Christ Centered/Cross Focused a radio a week from IE. Bottom line.

But, we, like Al Bundy, are resourceful and we will find a gas station somewhere.. But come on, it is a gas station.

I can guarantee you all, that if this kind of confessional clean out continues and there is nowhere to go, many will drift to Rome's gas station, or Constantinople's gas station. And why? Because like it or not, they are not afraid of who and what they are.

And the above mentioned Ave Maria radio? When Jeff and Pr. Wilken were in this area in April/May of 2006 they visited Ave Maria radio. Whilst drinking from a glass boot, I remember Jeff telling me something like this.

"Yeah we visited Ave Maria radio today and had a little tour, just to see what it was like and this struck me: They are totally and unappologetically Catholic and they make no excuses about it."

Why are our Lutheran leaders such self loathing wusses?

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Norma said...

Can't help you. I'm ELCA and we're still debating gay marriage--which is where you guys will be a few years down the road if you put up with this.