Monday, March 31, 2008

Dispatch to IE Supporters

1. Please do not be dismayed by the relative silence of Pr. Wilken and Jeff Schwarz. As much as we have been hurt and would love to hear from them, be patient. When the time is right we will hear from them again.
2. When the time is right, the Reformation Club has to kick it into gear and fund them. This time without a certain synodical orgainzation taking a 40% cut. Please consider budgeting for this.
3. Although our boys must be silent, we must continue to do the opposite. The calls and letters must continue. No stopping. We have to be prepared to keep this up for several more weeks. Please do not loose courage or stamina. This is what our opposition expects.
4. IE's replacement should start this week. Listen to it and comment honestly to KFUO what your opinion is. Please refrain from attacks on the host. If you think Issues was a better program, state your honest opinion.
5. These messages need to leave cyberspace. Please talk to your fellow Christians in the real world about the issues at stake here.

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